They’ve always said I look just like her but I never saw it.  I didn’t know her then.

I didn’t know her when she fell in love, when she became a mom, when she watched her babies grow up.  I never imagined her to be anything like me.

But…then I saw the photographs.  She was just like me.  She was young.  She was a mom.  She did watch them grow up.

I wish I had known her then.  I think we would have been good friends.  But that would be impossible.

File0011 copy

File0007 copy

I would have never really known her without these photos.  They opened up her life to me and helped me see her as she was…not as my grandma…I already knew her that way.  But as a woman and a mother.

She has Parkinson’s now and her health and speech have faded with the last few years but because I have these photographs I will always know a part of her that I never got to see.