Why a Boring Headshot Isn’t Enough Anymore

by | Headshots, Local Businesses, On Location, Photography

Years ago, you needed one nice headshot.  Put it on a business card and call it a day.  Now, your photographs are needed everywhere. LinkedIn.  Instagram. Facebook. Some days it seems that every platform is asking for more photos.  And not just one…dozens each month.

Brand photography is an often overlooked investment for businesses. One of the main reasons brand photography is so important is that the majority of people are visual learners. Rather than read or hear about a business, most people prefer to catch a glimpse of what is offered through photographs and video. Our brains process photographs exponentially faster than words.

Have you tried posting a photograph of yourself on your social media channels?  Most people get anywhere from 50-100% more engagement when they use a photograph of themselves!  That’s HUGE! People want to do business with people.

As a small business owner, one of my favorite sessions to photograph are brand portraits.  I love learning about my clients, their businesses, and what they want to portray in their photographs…and then best of all, MAKING IT HAPPEN!

Here are two recent brand sessions I did and a little about each of them:

Meet Mapi Byler, a Beach Body Coach who radiates freedom. In a time where social media is dominated by people claiming to be “real,” Mapi brings the kind of presence that is truly relatable. During our brand photography session, I wanted to capture the strength and dedication I see in Mapi so that when paired with her words, Mapi’s brand photos would offer her followers a window into the type of Coach she is. 

It’s probably no surprise that Calleiah, Owner of Manifest Haute Style & Home, arrived in style for her brand photography session. (She even brought her full length mirror on location–which I LOVE!) The urban environment Calleiah chose for her session highlights the bold, fashion-forward nature of her work. Calleiah’s brand photos show her off as an artist who thrives helping women de-clutter their closets and build a wardrobe that complements and flatters their unique selves. 

Both of these business owners know the value of photographing their unique brand and including photographs of themselves on social media. Mapi and Calleiah’s individual approaches to empowering their clients shine through their photos, don’t you think?  Potential clients who discover both of these entrepreneurs online will find themselves more likely to trust Mapi and Calleiah’s services because they can see a glimmer of who they are as people and because they have a quality visual associated with their product.