Akron Food Photography | Wally Waffle – New Gluten Free Waffle

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Sharing a meal has been one of the most common ways people have connected for centuries. I can say personally that some of my loudest laughs and most meaningful conversations have taken place across the table from friends and family. Those of you who have been following Amy Lyn Photography on social media for a while may remember that unfortunately, gluten and I are frenemies. This gluten sensitivity can be frustrating for me because it changes how I relate to friends and family over meals by limiting my menu and restaurant options. 

While several restaurants and stores have begun to offer gluten-free options, it’s still rare to find foods that compare to the local options I’ve grown accustomed to having. I had pretty much given up on finding anything close to the favorites that I once enjoyed. With that in mind, you can probably imagine how happy I was to learn that Wally Waffle –one of Akron’s favorite breakfast stops, has added a gluten-free* option to their waffle menu!

During one of my recent food photography shoots, I had the chance to photograph several of Wally Waffle’s menu options. I’m thrilled to hear of another restaurant in the Greater Cleveland and Akron area that’s offering a gluten-free version of one of my breakfast faves! I think one of my favorite things about the food photography portion of my business is how much more I’ve learned about the restaurants near me and the people that run them. Local hidden gems like Wally Waffle’s gluten-free waffles and the entirely gluten-free menu at Jilly’s Music Rooms are just two of many fantastic options I’ve found on my Cleveland/Akron food photography adventures.

What about you? Do you have a favorite local, gluten-free menu? How about a favorite brand of allergen-friendly food? Share yours in the comment section below!


*Always be sure to discuss food allergies and sensitivities with your server. Amy Lyn Photography does not guarantee allergen-free conditions for any food establishment.