It’s not easy for me to believe but these adorable little monkeys are already one!  My sister chose an adorable Old McDonald theme for their party and I tried to get a few shots of them while they were all dressed up.

The light against this wall was fairly perfect so we set up shop here.  This is little Luke taking a break from all the plowing.

And here is Blake.  He’s ready to get back into the fields.

Some may ask, how do you get them to wear their hats for these portraits?  It’s easy.  You just enlist some help from Grandpa.  Oh, and hold them down.

I feel like a good aunt would be able to tell you who this is.  But to be completely honest I have no idea.  Either way though, he’s pretty cute, huh?

And the big moment…the smash cakes are presented…

Blake took a minute to check it out.  Can this cake be trusted?

Luke isn’t so sure either.
In the end, the cake won Blake over.  I love watching these two and all their little personality differences.
We plan to have a “real” smash cake session soon.  Stay tuned from what I imagine will be some pretty funny images.