I’d like to introduce another high school writer to you.  Olivia is working to cover some fun hang-outs and little known treasures in the Northeast Ohio area.  I can’t wait to see some of the features she covers.  (Stay tuned for a vintage record shop later this week.)

World, meet Olivia:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
– I’m a 15 year old student in High School. Simply put, I’d consider myself as old fashioned. My favorite activities include riding horses, art, watching classic movies, learning anything historical, Vintage car hunting, and listening to music -Buddy Holly, Dion, Bobby Darin, and The Everly Brothers are among my favorites. I also love traveling and finding untypical places to shop and explore.
What kinds of places do you like to hang out?
-I like to hang out at places possibly described as ‘chic’ or ‘retro’. To me, its those kind of places that spark interest as well as having loads of character.
What types of articles do you plan to share this year?
– I hope to find a lot of unusual places to shop and write about. Places like boutiques, antique stores, restaurants, coffee shops, music or book stores, as well as any other places in between.
What do you like most about living in Ohio? What do you like the least?
– I love how Ohio has the changing seasons. Having seasons means that each shop brings in new styles and decorations. Also, another thing that I love about living in Ohio is Amish Country; growing up on a farm and around the country makes me appreciate even the most simple things.
Though I love the different seasons, winters can be pretty harsh in Ohio. Rough winters usually mean having to stay inside and not do much else, which is my least favorite thing to do.
Can you define beauty in your own words?
– Ah, the million dollar question: ‘What is beauty?’ I’d say beauty is whatever you make it out to be. To me, I find beauty in simple and classic things. I don’t think beauty is what you look like or how you dress; it’s how you carry yourself, what you love to do and being strong enough, mentally, to live whatever life you please. I think beauty is being happy and content with what you have and living everyday as a new one, looking forward for what’s going to come.