We blinked and somehow fall arrived! While it’s no secret that summer is my favorite season, fall themed product photography sessions (like this one for Corrina’s Candles!) sure help boost my appreciation of the autumn season. In this post, I’m going to show you two perks of investing in professional brand and product photography.

Perfect Timing:

If you own a business you know how much there is to get done.  Having some things (like photos) prepared ahead of time can make all the difference.  If you don’t have updated photography, you can’t fill your website or share on social media.  And that means missed sales.

Although this product photography session for Corrina’s Candles gives off some serious fall vibes, it actually took place before Ohio started to feel a chill in the air.  Planning ahead like this saves our clients from the stress of trying to play catch up as seasons or deadlines arrive.  We provide perfectly timed product photos for our clients’ unique marketing needs. We know the amount of time and attention to detail each step of the process takes. As a result, our careful planning and efficient turn around ensures that our clients receive perfectly-timed photos of their brand or product.

Props and Styling:

The second perk of investing in product photography with us, is full access to all of our professional props AND styling. Our clients are always grateful that the props we include in our sessions make their product stand out and save them money at the same time.  Even better, our professional styling adds the kind of visual appeal that makes our clients’ products get attention.

Above all, outsourcing photography ensures that our clients’ valuable resources like time, money, and energy can be spent on what they do best in their industry.  It feels good that our clients trust our years of professional experience to make their brand or product look its best.

What Corrina Had to Say (in a Google review):

“Amy and I connected on Instagram a few months ago. I asked if she could photograph a new project I had been working on. She was quick to respond and completed the job. The pictures are amazing! She definitely exceeded my expectations and got creative with the shoot. I look forward to working with her again in the future!”

Take a look at these photos from our time with Corrina’s Candles and see what investing in product photography looks like in action.  And check out Corrina’s website to purchase these and more.

And, a few Halloween: