A Gift for You!

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Have you ever bought someone a present and you’re sooo excited about it you just can’t wait?  So, you start dropping hints completely spill the beans about the gift?  Yep. Me too. AND, that’s exactly how I feel today.

What We’ve Been up to Behind the Scenes

I’ve been working on something behind the scenes for months and months.  Every week, we’ve planned and designed and photographed and I can’t wait one more minute to tell you what we’ve been up to!  In just two months, we’re officially launching a stock photography site for any small (or large!) business to find stunning images for their business.  They will be available to purchase individually or as collections. And, the best part? If you choose to subscribe, you’ll get the entire gallery–hundreds of images for your business use.  And, every month, we’ll add at least 4 new collections (20 images each!)

Every week, my team and I have been gathering the prettiest props we can find. We work an entire day to produce images that I just know you’re going to love.  You’ll find collections designed with office scenes, working from bed, mockups with stationary, seasonal images and so, so much more. Most of the images are fairly neutral with a slightly feminine feel.  And, every single one, is gorgeous.

Each collection is fashioned to work well with the others to save you from hours and hours photographing for your social media.  Simply download the images you choose, mix in a few of yourself and your products if needed, and boom–you’ve got your Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest images done!  And, not only do we help you with your photographs, our monthly content creation guides, give you 20 suggestions for those days when you feel stuck and can’t write one more caption.

My Gift To You

I’d love to share 10 FREE images with you all.  I hope these free up some time for you to do what you really enjoy. Scroll down to have them delivered straight to your inbox.  And, when you use them, tag me at @helloamylyn. I’d love to see and share what you’re all working on.


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