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One of my favorite things in the world is a brand new planner.  The crisp pages that seem to hold so much possibility. The new cover that hasn’t been bent or stained by coffee (yet!). Even the smell. To me, it carries the same feeling as freshly washed sheets, a new pair of boots, and the start of a new year.  

Call me strange, but every January, my favorite part of the New Year is the resolutions. I love getting a fresh start. I love the time that I spend with my planner and filling in all the boxes and what they represent.  

Looking back on 2018

I am excited about what 2019 will hold. 2018 wasn’t a piece of cake but I am happy of some of the goals I set and what they allowed me to achieve. 2018 was the year of social media for me.  I had fought committing to it for so long and realized that I was making a mistake. A big one.

Through posting regularly on social media here are some things I’ve been able to do for my business that were a struggle before:

  • Filled mini sessions and classes easily. 
  • Booked more of the types of sessions I enjoy and less of the ones I don’t.
  • Attract large clients that I wouldn’t have dreamed of hiring me a few years ago.
  • Allowed me to meet and interact with thousands of people all over the world that I would have never known otherwise–seriously, that’s amazing.  

Goals for 2019

  • Step up social media even more.  I’ve been very consistent on Instagram but I’d like to post even more in Facebook and really work on Pinterest as well.
  • Make Hello Stock the most helpful resource for women in business.  I have big plans of ways to support all the #girlbosses–just like me.
  • Blog regularly – once a week with helpful info for Hello Stock and once a week for my photography clients.
  • Collaborate with other women in business and bring value to everyone.
  • Host several challenges where we all work on different social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked-In) and learn together.

Have you thought about your business goals for the year yet?  If you haven’t already, I’d really encourage you to take a look at your social media.  I’d love to help you with that in any way I can. One way, is obviously through social media images and stock photography. (Grab 10 free images here to get you started.)  But, what other ways can I help? What resources would mean the world to you?

Owning a business can threaten to take over your life–fast.  I know when I began trying to learn best practices, I got overwhelmed very quickly.  What do I do first? How often do I post? What platforms should I be focusing on? Where do I get the hundred of images that I would need to make this happen?  How do I come up with caption ideas that compel? And on and on.

Three steps to amping up social media this year

Here are three steps I’d highly recommend.

1. Slow down.  Breathe. You don’t have to tackle every platform at 100%.  Pick one to focus on. I started with Instagram and focused primarily on that.  I spent some time learning IG and a it was a lot of trial and error. If you add one small step each month or even every several months, you’re doing more than before.  Don’t look at the influencers with teams of people and years of experience and compare yourself. One step at a time. 🙂

2. Outsource something.  Whether it be your image creation, content writing, or both.  Curating gorgeous images that will stop people’s scroll takes time.  A lot of it. We produce an average of only 40 great images each week.  And that’s because it’s our thing. Adding hours of photography to a list of what you’re already doing can take over your life.  

I created Hello Stock for this very reason.

We’ve created hundreds of stock photographs that you can use for your own business in a fraction of the time.  They are designed to be plugged into your feed easily and give you a consistent beautiful look in almost no time. (We launch in three short weeks!)

I know small businesses don’t have the time and money to invest into custom photography for each post every day.  Even if you’re just beginning with Instagram, that’s 30 great images needed each month! When I hear of a business owner that can spend an extra 4-5 hours with their family and friends–that makes it all worth it!  

3. Learn to automate what you can.  I use an app called Planoly for my Instagram account.  There are several good ones out there, but I love Planoly because I am able to plan my Instagram from my desktop computer and not just my phone.  I love being able to quickly type captions and move images that I just downloaded with east. I can set up a months worth of images with Planoly and even have the captions ready to go in a fraction of the time.

Other options:

Meet Edgar for Facebook, Instagram, & more

Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest

Hootsuite for Facebook, Instagram, & more


*You may encounter affiliate links.  Please note, I would never recommend anything that I don’t personally love.

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