It’s true what they say: Family is all about coming together. When I think of family, I think about love and deep roots… similar to those of the majestic tree that stands in Warren and Vicki’s front yard. The tree not only created a magical backdrop for a family photography session, but it also served as a symbol of what this family represents: strength, beauty and growth. After all, when Vicki and Warren married, they joined their two families together to create one very special group.

The location of this photo shoot was chosen for a particular reason. The family’s home is the center of their lives, the place where they planted roots together. And so it’s where Vicki and her three sons (with their significant others), as well as Warren, his daughter and her husband (with his child) gathered on this sunny spring day to make more memories.  As the family stood under the flowering branches of the tree, their faces easily lit up with smiles. It was hard NOT to smile in a beautiful springtime scene like this.

On location photography is always so much fun, but this session stands out because everyone was truly happy and completely natural in their element. The family, wearing coordinated blue and pink shirts, spent the time laughing, joking and posing together for some fantastic shots. Vicki commented about how pleased she is that their blended family was able to come together (and with lots of hard work!) become the family they are today. Witnessing their happiness first hand, I’d say she has every reason to feel proud.

I believe that family pictures are so powerful because they are mirrors of the people we love most, as well as those who love and care about us the most. There’s no greater gift than moments like this family shared today, forever captured on film. And so I would like to say “Thank You” to Warren, Vicki, and the entire family for having me to your home to take these amazing photos. I hope they will always serve as reminders of the special bonds that you all share!