Angelo and Brittany packed as much celebrating as possible into their wonderful wedding day! If we’re going to spend 17 hours straight with one couple, this was definitely a fun group to do it with!  The blend of cultures, ages, and traditions made this a truly unique wedding and we were honored to capture every special moment we possibly could.

Our day began early with a bunch of beautiful ladies all preparing for their beloved friend’s special day.  To say Brittany was a stunning bride would be an understatement!  Her sweet smile and sincere joy made her glow.  Angelo couldn’t hide his excitement about seeing his bride and his large family supported him with lots of love and laughter all the way to the altar where he waited for her. After exchanging vows during the meaningful ceremony, a luncheon was held at Carrie Cerino’s Restaurant. Angelo and Brittany enjoyed the relaxing company of several relatives who shared their joy.  Before long, it was time to head down to the fabulous grounds of Stan Hywet Hall in Akron.  Everywhere we turned, the light, the gardens, the landscape and the people were beautiful! You can’t even imagine how photogenic and gorgeous this bride and groom were.  All the family and friends who joined us as we walked the grounds thought so too!

As the evening approached, the excitement for the dinner reception began to build. Tired, but happy, Angelo, Brittany, and their wedding party made their way to Todaro’s Party Center where an incredibly decorated room awaited them.  Details and lights and flowers and food filled the large space and it wasn’t long before the party had really started! Many touching words were shared during the toasts and the joy of these lives coming together was sincere.  Everything you could ever want was provided for the guests during this extended celebration and no doubt, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  We had a great time watching the dances of different cultures and all the smiling and laughter that went with them. It’s really wonderful to see everybody, young and old, join in the fun!

Angelo and Brittany you have a special relationship and a wonderfully supportive family surrounding you.  We hope you have as much fun growing old together as you did on your awesome wedding day! May the memories and joy from all of your loved ones, near and far, fill your hearts! Thanks for asking us to be a part of this significant day.