One of my favorite things about photographing Brand Sessions is the chance to work with such a variety of people and products. Speaking of variety, my session with Lonee from Maeverly Online Boutique showcases several aspects of her clothing brand. If you are looking for a way to show off your brand from multiple angles, this type of session offers a great example of just how efficient and thorough working with us can be.

Lonee is an entrepreneur from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. We met on Instagram (and funny enough, we realized I know her family!) and began to plan a photography session that would save her time and get attention for Maeverly Boutique’s brand on social media and websites. Lonee chose to have us create styled flat-lays in our studio as well as a lifestyle session in order to represent her small business in a big way. 

The flat-lays include Maeverly Boutique’s clothing pieces as well as curated props from our collection. We offer business owners the option to use our props free of charge and design a final product that highlights their brand in the best way. Having these flat-lay photos ready to go is a massive time saver and they give our client’s products a chance to really stand out on their social media feeds. Plus, they can be used on websites, in marketing brochures, and almost any other media or marketing platform you can think of —the sky is really the limit with how flat-lay photos can be used to expand your brand and make it stand out. (Have you seen how many BIG brands are using flat-lays in ads lately?)

Lonee chose to model her boutique’s cute and fun clothing. This session was an example of the magic that can happen when two businesses bring their best to the table. When our experience combined with Lonee’s inventory and enthusiasm, we were able to photograph TWELVE different outfits during a one hour session! (This is double what we typically do…but Lonee was a clothes-changing champion!)  As you can see, that level of efficiency really paid off for Maeverly Boutique: we wrapped the session with tons of amazing photographs of Lonne’s brand.

Here are just a few of the variety of ways you can showcase your products and show off your brand through a photography session with Amy Lyn Photography.