Commercial Product & Food Photography | SmoothieBox

by | Commercial, Photography

SmoothieBox is an organic subscription service that delivers smoothie bases straight to your door which can be customized with your favorite mix-ins.  I was delighted when Emily of SmoothieBox contacted us to work on some of their website and social media photography.

When working with a corporate client our work often begins shortly after the agreement signing. Depending on the needs of the client, we may be responsible for just the photography (which is a big job in itself) or much more.  We often spend hours scouting the perfect location, finding models (if needed), and planning props and clothing which compliments each brand’s unique feel.        

We have a pretty extensive prop collection built up but some days are still spent searching for the perfect glass or finding enough unbruised bananas. For SmoothieBox, the food (fruits & veggies) were provided but we found the models, location, and props such as glasses and bowls. 

Working with SmoothieBox is something I really enjoy for several reasons. Of course, any day that includes a smoothie is one that I look forward to.  But, this particular session was extra fulfilling because we got to combine our love for shooting with models, food photography, and flatlay styling all into a two-day shoot.    

Day one, we worked to highlight the brand’s diverse clientele with a lifestyle shoot with over ten models on location in a beautiful, modern kitchen.  I love working with models because they bring life to a shoot in the same way they bring life to a product. The days go quickly and it is non-stop movement–but we usually laugh all day long.

The following day, we  focused on flat lay and product images in the studio. Christy, our stylist, works magic with simple produce and the styled photographs show her talent.  Take a look below to see what we were able to capture.