Photo Class

Do you love photography but get frustrated with your camera?  This photography class is for you!  The four week class is for those who would like to better understand their camera settings and photography in general.  We meet weekly for four two hour sessions with lots of practice in between.

THere are currently no sessions scheduled, but email [email protected] to be put on the waiting list.


You will learn:

  • Basic exposure
  • How to shoot in manual mode (i.e. How to use those complicated settings on your camera)
  • How to look for light
  • All about different lenses
  • How to compose good photographs
  • File formats
  • And more.  Much more.

You will receive:

  • Tons of knowledge, of course.
  • A digital copy of the material we cover

You will need:

  • Your camera and manual (SLR cameras highly recommended but not required by any means).  Your camera SHOULD HAVE a manual setting in order to practice exposure settings.
  • A notebook
  • 3-5 of your favorite photos that you’ve taken (either printed or in digital format)
  • A great attitude  🙂

A Full Four Weeks of Learning with Amy Lyn for $235

***PLEASE NOTE*** Photography Class Fees are nonrefundable one week before class begins (except for emergencies). If you have any questions about the class please ask before signing up. 


If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

I am so grateful that I had found this class! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have to say I came away from this class a much better photographer than when I went in! Amy was a true professional! Amy’s approach to teaching was very clear and easy to follow. She was more than willing to answer any questions that came up and her examples and homework assignments were a great reinforcement to the class lessons. I am excited more than ever to continue learning all I can about photography, and Amy’s class had a big part in that! I only wish she had more classes available! I give this class a big “thumb’s up” and encourage anyone interesting in learning more about their camera and how to take better pictures to sign up without any hesitation!

-Regina B.

“I took Amy’s photography class. She is passionate about her work, has positive attitude, is friendly and does great work. I have used many professional photographer over the years, and many don’t put lot of thought and planning in their work. Amy takes it as a Science as well as Art.”


“Amy’s class was fantastic! Going into it I had an intermediate understanding of my camera and how to take ok photos. Amy’s class allowed me to build upon the knowledge I already had and taught me how to shoot fantastic photos in manual mode. In just 4 short weeks I went from being an ok photographer and sort of knowing my camera to being a better photographer who has a thorough understanding of how to take great photos. If you are looking to better understand your camera or how to take better photos, this class is for you. I would highly recommend Amy’s class! ”

– Shannon

“The best part about Amy’s photography class was learning how to shoot manually with my camera. Before I took this class I often felt frustrated that I could not get my pictures to turn out the way I imagined them in my head. I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to get it.  Now that I understand the dynamics of light,speed, and depth I am able to use the features on my camera to give me my desired result.  Amy does a great job explaining the technical aspect of photography and teaches you to use whatever camera you have available.  She is artistic, practical, and easy to understand. ”

– Christy

“Amy is AWESOME! I learned so much information in just a few short sessions. I really appreciate her taking the time out to show and teach all about photography. I feel as though I’m able to accomplish and know what to look for when taking a photograph to make it unique. Also to make it a photograph that I love. The time in class was well spent on material and practice time. It’s still going to take time and practice to achieve skills but I now know I have the basics to help me get there. Thanks so much again Amy for everything!!”