Have you heard of the Day Zero Project (101 in 1001)?  The basic idea is rather than creating a New Year’s resolution, I made a list of 101 items to be completed in 1001 days.  Hopefully with a more finite date in mind, I will be more motivated to work on each goal.  (Key word=hopefully.)

It’s harder than it sounds.  Coming up with the first 40 items or so was easy for me but I had to stretch to write the end of the list.  It was a great exercise though for coming up with what is really important to me.  Now, for checking off an item or two…On October 8, 2012 my list should be complete.  Wish me luck!

I debated about sharing my list…but hey…why not?  Amy’s 101 in 1001.

And because a blog without a photo is like a cold night without hot tea.  Here’s one of my little guy right before Christmas.  He is going to be 5 tomorrow.