Gervasi Vineyard Wedding Photography

Their story sounds more like a movie than reality.  He’s an orthopedic surgeon.  She’s a nurse.  One day, they met over a shared patient.  But, unlike anything out of  Hollywood, Mike & Laura share a real relationship with real love.

It only takes a few minutes with them to notice the gentle way he checks to make sure she’s okay.  And the way she loves and adores him right back.  They are real and sincere people and spending their wedding day with them was an honor.  Mike & Laura were engaged this past December in a carriage ride at the fabulous Gervasi Vineyard.  It seemed only fitting that their wedding reception should be here as well.  I love this venue.  Everywhere you look is pure beauty.

Mike & Laura, I am so glad to have worked with you.  Blessings in life and in all you do.

Wedding details such as garter, dress, purse, and broochBlack and White Images of a Bride getting ready in Canton Ohiobride and groom at the front of church laughing during ceremonycouple near the entrance to gervasi vineyardunique wedding ring photograph with wine cork for winery weddingwedding place cards in wine corks and dinner photographswedding details including flowers, cake, and table settingwedding cake with purple and lilac flowers and ribbonbride and groom in front of water at Gervasi Vineyardadorable bride and groom posing under arches at Gervasi Vineyardbride laughing as she dances with her groom on the wedding dayBride's funny face when the groom removes her garterdancing bride and groom fun dances at a wedding receptiondancing at wedding receptionphotography of bride and groom dancing in a lighted pavilion at GervasiGervasi vineyard wedding pavilion at night
See slideshow below for even more images.
The amazing vendors who made the day possible:

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